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Member nick: Joe Surespot ID: TBA Bitmessage address: BM-2cVxXDjwtHo9K8rAWb6ziJ64CW3qhD9L9m
Member Nick: Tom Surespot ID: TBA Bitmessage address: BM-2cVxhHPKLJSgVTHhjAbByS6rBVqAyE7UvM

Bay Area Bitcoin Meetups

A list of Bitcoiners in the Bay Area.

You can contact them by sending a Surespot message (the Surespot app is available for free for Android and iPhone) or by sending a Bitmessage.

How to use Bitmessage: Download Bitmessage from

If you want to add something to the list or perhaps remove or correct something, please edit the page on Github by clicking on edit data in the menu above.

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