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Back in the days when the dinosaurs were alive, being a Stegosaur went a long way. We don't know exactly what life was back in the prehistoric days but surely being green and having a horned back was not a disadvantage.

The environment was supposedly very different back then, with big mountains and strange green trees. The water and the sea were steaming with water dinosaurs. Even the sun may have appeared to have a different color. Dinosaurs were communicating differently with each other and we don't know of any kind of language in those days. It was almost like a different planet. And perhaps it was a different planet. If quantum physics were the same back then, pretty much anything would have been possible, although maybe very improbable. Spooky action at a distance for example would affect dinosaurs just as it can affect humans.

Dinosaurs had different kinds of eating habits. Some ate grass and leaves and bushes. Some ate each other. They probably did not live in houses and if you heard the mighty roar of the dinosaur you knew something was going on.

Some people say the modern blue whale is actually bigger and heavier than the old water dinosaurs. Who knows. The water dinosaurs probably could dive. It must have been a strange sensation, being a water dinosaur in those days, diving around in those young seas. Perhaps lava was being spewed out from fresh volcanos... Islands forming and such.

These days we surround ourselves with technology. There are computers everywhere. Knowledge is important and there sure is a lot of information floating around. And products. People are crazy about products. Lots of trade, few gifts. Someone said there is no such thing as a free lunch. That's obviously so wrong. I've had lots of free lunches in my days. There are use cases for most of these technologies of course... But you have to be able to afford them. I for one pretty much have my keyboard. And some harddrives. The networks connect us to the outer world. The limit of our language becomes the limit of our worlds. That's a quote by the way. I use as much open source software as possible. Linux is my OS of choice. I want to try to open a vortex or two or three and I wonder if I could do it with the technology I currently have access to. Might need some help with distribution.

Tokyo is a city with a lot of food. And elevators. There are plenty of shopping opportunities so to speak. Japanese people consume a lot of products, including books. There is a lot of high technology everywhere. The Bitcoin scene is growing too. Lots of people have heard about it already. Tokyo tower is looming over everything. People travelling around on bicycles and electric bicycles. Property is expensive, especially by the sea. If you want to relax, go to the onsen. Or take a walk by the sea and try to find a sea shell in the shadows of the factories.

Above our heads the clouds pass by in the sky. The air is humid and the atmosphere covers earth like a protective invisible breathable blanket. Steam turns into mist and clouds. The weather differs between different regions and different times. Sometimes the clouds are in movement and sometimes not. When you travel you may experience turbulence. Look at the ground. On the little clover, a drop of dew. Perhaps it will one day be part of the white fluffy clouds above. In Sahara it rarely rains. People dream about heaven. The atmosphere protects us from ultra violet radiation. Cosmic rays slip through easily anyway. When you're at the Niagara or elsewhere, the clouds protects you regardless of which shape they have.

Reply to one or all of these quizes and challenges and ask for a tip. Please note, tipping is not guaranteed.

Why would you like to become a dinosaur?
What was the average weight of a stegosaur?
If you were living in prehistoric times, how would you decorate your cave?
Why is green your favorite color?
If you had a horned back, how would you be able to sleep in a normal bed?
How can we reduce harmful impact on our environment?
Go and climb a mountain.
Post a photo of your favorite tree.
How much water do you drink every day?
If you were a water dinosaur, what time would you go to bed in the evenings?
Draw an image of the sun.
Establish some way for us to communicate directly with dinosaurs of the past.
Post an image of a different planet and its inhabitants.
Describe what quantum physics is.
Create spooky action between your living room and your neighbors living room.
How much food do you eat every day?
Is your house adaptable for housing dinosaurs?
What does your battle roar sound like when your latest programming attempt fails yet again?
Where do water dinosaurs dive?
Create a new kind of mineral out of materials from outer space.
Go to an active volcano, pick up some lava and keep it hot in a thermos.


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