CoinFactory - CoinFunding

Developing new cryptocurrencies based on Bitcoin, Quark etc.
Launch your own altcoin.
We need our own cryptocurrencies for experimental purposes but it can also be used as a reward for developers etc.

We already have a long list of ideas, several of which are listed in our repository at

If you want to invest with cryptocurrencies rather than work you can send a personal bitmessage (see front page of website above) and we can set up a flexible and customized solution.

We need a team of developers to do this. You can contribute by forking us and submitting pull requests.

Starting now.

Apply by forking this code, adding code and submitting a pull request.

You can join the chan or contact the admins directly through Bitmessage. Address TBA.
What do we need to make our own altcoin? The altcoin recipe: Pool Virtual Machine C++ Linux Mining software Fork me on GitHub