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Location: Bagdad Region: Middle East Name: Bagdad Bitcoin Meetups Bitmessage address: BM-2cVxXDjwtHo9K8rAWb6ziJ64CW3qhD9L9m
Location: Bangkok Region: South East Asia Name: Bangkok Bitcoin Meetups Bitmessage address: BM-2cVxhHPKLJSgVTHhjAbByS6rBVqAyE7UvM

Welcome to Local Bitcoin Meetups

Bitcoin meetups in every major town and soon also every small town globally and perhaps even universally!

Contact the admins of this list by subscribing and sending a Bitmessage to: BM-2cTm9BgGNejSPVut4A7w2FhphqzMnVDeuT

Want to become the admin of a group yourself? Just add your group to the list above.

You can network with other people in the emerging Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industries by meeting them locally and you can also buy and sell Bitcoin for fiat currencies. No need for banks.

Showing up to these meetups could also be a good way for you to find your next job within the crypto industry. Call it Bitcoin HR if you will : )

There are other platforms available such as and but the difference is you do not necessarily need to RSVP to show up to the public meetups below. Also, our USP is that we not only meet up but also work together on open source projects. If you want to read more about local meetups you can have a look at this link: Most active local meetup groups

How to use Bitmessage: Download Bitmessage from

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Download our own experimental ryptocurrency GIT here