Project Zerocoin Implementation

Bitmessage Address: BM-2DBNQdH6fqmCZw4PKuMR6mxEpbAr7BjXvr

Cryptocurrencies need anonymity. Bitcoin like pseudonymity is a great security risk. We will implement Zerocoin into a new altchain, starting now. You can get involved too. Send a link to your Github profile as a Bitmessage to BM-2cTm9BgGNejSPVut4A7w2FhphqzMnVDeuT and you will get invited as a developer. You can also fork the project directly on Github and send a pull request.

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Comments and Contributors

I am a systems architect/developer with years of Java/C/C++/etc. looking to do more with crypto currencies. I've built miners, researched the algorithms for bitcoin, s-crypt based ones, etc. The Zerocoin code is of alpha quality at best right now and has not been updated for a month or so. If you have not moved forward already or still need assistance, let me know.

I saw your posting on BitGig ( and want to know which projects you want work on, which languages they're in, and what I'd get paid.

I've joined the chan, and the Zerocoin chan, but nothing on the github page mentions how to get started or get credit/payment for any work done.

One of my foremost concerns about any Zerocoin implementation is that transaction fees be structured in a way that provides incentives for users and miners to do the right thing. Blockchain bloat will be an issue and this needs to be managed by charging the true cost of a transaction to the user and ensuring that miners are given sufficient incentive to accept the large Zerocoin transactions. This could be done by having a per KB transaction fee. That way, a user would be encouraged to conserve blockchain resources by using a regular (not Zerocoin) transaction, but if they chose to they could pay a higher transaction fee to cover the larger sized Zerocoin transaction. There may be a way to make the per KB fee dynamic instead of a hard coded constant -- this would need some extended careful consideration to arrive at a wise solution but it occurs to me that the per KB transaction fee might be linked to the difficulty. As difficulty goes up, the fee goes down. What are your thoughts on how to structure fees to avoid a tragedy of the commons type scenario? I'd like to hear more about your business model and the sharing system you mentioned.

I am a seasoned C# developer working full time on a cryptocurrency project. I may not be the right person to help with development, but am excited about Zerocoin and want to see it implemented. There is a possibility that I would invest in a sound Zerocoin project, though I don't see a viable business model for it. Maybe you have seen a possibility I haven't seen yet. How are you planning to get support from Feathercoin miners to make the protocol change? I'd like to see Zerocoin in PPC but it seems most likely that Zerocoin will have to have its own blockchain at first. As it begins to capture market share and is successfully tested in the real world PPC stakeholders and Feathercoin miners (among others) will begin to feel competitive pressure to adopt it in their protocols. How do you see this playing out and what role will this project play?

I am considering Feathercoin primarily but I think libzerocoin could be implemented into most altchains. Want to get involved? Are you a developer? I am setting up a sharing system to distribute profits from this project if any, may I offer you a 0.01 share as a token of appreciation for your interest in this project?

I was excited to see your job post. You are doing very important work. Which altchains are you considering for Zerocoin implementation or are you planning to create a new altchain?