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I write very very fast. I will do spellchecking and clean up the mess with these content pieces upon request. (I enjoy writing freely but spellchecking takes a lot of time).

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Stars and other things

Many stars are located very very far away from earth. They glimmer and shimmer, very very far away. I suppose. Maybe not. I guess they aren't really glimmering. It just looks that way. It's an optical phenomena, I assume. They don't really glimmer. Do they? Why would a star glimmer? The sun doesn't glimmer. Does it? I want to build a boat. A star boat. It can take us very very far away. A boat to the stars. The galaxy is so big. A beautiful place. Inhabited? Who knows. Probably, I would say. Aha, so let's build a spaceship and go visit. Up up up. Not so fast. Those presumably inhabited other planets are very far away. Would take a long time to reach. We need a new kind of spaceship. Or a new way of transportation. Perhaps it is possible to combine recent scientific discoveries regarding quantum teleportation with those clunky old style spaceships. First we probably have to decentralize space travel. No way I will accept tax money being spent on building rockets. That is completely wrong. It's insanity. I ain't gonna pay for it it. Forget it. Now look at the Virgin model. It is definitely more interesting although perhaps not perfect. Hmm... Ok, so private people can visit space. They pay for it themselves. Not bad. Really not bad. But still. His corporation is a relic. Thing of the past. Forget it. Just another corporation really. Ok, it's private. It's definitely better than NASA, infinitely so. But it's not perfect. They still use the same old business strategies. This is a new era. We need new business strategies. Urgently. Today. Things are not the same. The blockchain exists. Everything revolves around the blockchain these days. Personally I consider the blockchain to be a kind of DNA. We have reinvented DNA. Some people believe that every cell is a universe. Don't laugh. I heard some hardcore physicists talking about this recently. Why not. Apparently there are quantum tunnels in cells. Not a hundred percent sure about that. But I am quite sure that there are quantum tunnels in normal USB flash drives. Yes, I know. It sounds fantastic. But ask Intel or Samsung. I think they can confirm that. Got it from wikipedia by the way. Check the source if you like. Perhaps everyone already knows about this exceopt for me. Anyways. So, the galaxy is a huge place. Wonder what's going on on those other planets of course. Perhaps we will found out one day.

Sleep. What happens when we sleep really? I don't know. It's another world. I just slept. I had a strange sensation. It was a very happy sensation. Like travelling around the uyniverse. There is something about sleep... Maybe there is a special star somewhere for Lagos. The star of Lagos burning bright. A star especially for people from Lagos. Yellow and black. I know nothing about the Lagos night. What goes on in the night. What the dog sound like. How to find accommodation. I was looking at the tree. Lush environment. Many trees everywhere. Rich in nature power. Monkeys in the trees. Bushes. Green and dark green. Dry and lush. Animals in the bushes. A refugee for small beings. Food for the grazers. Look at that fire burning on the savannah near Lagos. Look at fire. Emitting light. Incredible really. Human beings cannot emit light. Fire is really really hot and emitting light on top of that. It's very strange when you think about it. I sense something. My senses are sharp. Maybe not sensational. But there is something in the movement. You have to be quiet and calm to hear it.

You know, yesterday I went doen to the kitchen to cook something. I found this radish in the fridge. Glorious and fresh. It made the perfect sandwich. I wish I had another one. No radish in my fridge right now. Or even a plum. A plum would do. Juicy plum. My friend. Looks similar. A cherry... Wow... A cherry would be nice. Two plums beats one cherry though. But 20 cherries beat one plum. It's a nice fruit. I wonder what the plum tree looks like. Never seen one. I don't have a jar. Just some tupperware. A jar would be nice. And a house to put it in. House optional. I would settle with a jar. Come think about it, I don't have a cupboard either. But a jar doesn't take up so much space. A cupboard is perhaps not necessary. Just somewhere to put the stuff so they don't just lay around. A place to store stuff. I wonder how it's going for Maidsafe and Storj. Have not heard much from them lately. Perhaps the algorithms got to them. It's a magnificent task, I reckon. Solving the world's storage issues in a decentralized way. Perhaps we could get rid of big datacenters a la Google, Facebook and Amazon. Now, that would be something.


Prime numbers... We have all heard of them. But how many have visited them? They are everywhere. A number is an abstract idea. Just like ideas themselves are abstract ideas. They live everywhere and need tconsensus to exist. Consensus might be the essense of ideas. Consensus is another word for idea. Perhaps. But what we are thinking about is not in a vaccum... We are constantly in contact with our surroundings. Everyone around us is sharing the same idea. MIllions of ideas floating around. Prime numbers are concepts. The concept of prime numbers. 10000 years ago, noone knew what a prime nubmer was. But they did know what hamburger was. Or at least steak. If they had access to fire. When I was a kid I used to play a game called Castlevania. It was nmot one of my favorite games and I am not sure why I am writing this. I think Zelda I, in retrospect was my favorite game. Or Kid Icarus. Anyways, Castlevania was kinda scary. Running around in some castle and whipping people who turned into bottles or something like that. Those Nintendo games really were an adrenaline rush. I anmnot a fan of adrenaline rushes these days. Life is stressful enough as it is.

Thoise were the 80's . I think I bought my Nintendo 1987 if I remember correctly.The 80's were pretty good for me until 1986. It wasn't all that much fun. MuchNot like WEall Street in the 80's exactly. Rather the opposite. At least there were no mice. In our basement I cannot recall seeing a single mouse. That would have been to much. The absence of fun and mice on top of that. I'm not a big fan of mice. Squirrels are ok though I suppose., Like Teddy adn Freeddy. Two imaginary squirrels. One is yellow, the other is orange. Sitting on a branch. Two squirrells. Looking for food. Looking at birds. Jumping aroun.

I want to say a couple of words about models too. You know. You watch movies, right? Everyone looks like a model. We get the impression that everyone in Hollywood and New York is a model. Which could very well be true. City of dreams, city of angels, huh? Nah. I don't think so. Not so bullish about those cities anymore. Anyway. Being a model. I've met one or two I think. Not supermodels, just normal models. What a job. What an ego boost. People treat you differently if you're good looking. You get stuff served for you. Opportunities come your way. Wo-ho. But I'm not sure if it develops your personality. Personality is developed in the friction with reality, I read somewhere.

So, Satoshi likes model trains, no? If he's Satoshi. Not sure what the consensus on that is now. At least, he exists and his name is somewhat similar. I'm referring to that guy in where was it California? Introspect. Guys like the founder of the Pirate Bay. Guys like Satoshi. Want to stay home. Mybew get overloaded by impressions if they go outside or something like that. Nothing wrong about model trains. I'm not a fun but I like them lots more than real trains. Real trains are expensive and funded by governments. Yuck. I just want to sit in a quiet garden. Well. No. That's not something I'm dreaming about. But it wouldn't be that bad to have a garden. Could grow some potato. No. I wouldn't do that. But if I had a garden I would probably have a house. That could be useful. Think about Edward Scissorhands. He liked to tatke care of gardens, right? Chop chop here and chop chop there. Not a fan of Tim Burton. Highly boring movies. But Johnny is always kinda good, whatever role he is in. Burton is so dull though. What about that house? Uh, I'm thinking about a house. SDomething about a house. Sitting in a house. Watyching video. Being a kid. Sitting in relative comfort. Watching video to try to learn something about the world without having to go out and get eaten by a lion or somethin. If you live in Africda. Which I didn't. Possiblyt. Anyway. There was this movie called Terror on Elm Street. I'm not sure if I watched it actually. Guys withg claws, right. Hmm... Wolvering, Freddy and Edward... Should form a club. So Freddy is living in dreamland. And when people dream he comes ou. Not nice. Ok, sorry for talking about this. Normally I try to keep this material family friendly. Kids, don't watch horror movies. It's not good for you. Perhaps watch programming tutorials on YouTube instead. Another childhood memory is the protectobots. They're out to protect you. They are highly motivateotect people for some reeason. And they are robust. Being built in mmetal and such. I used to watch movies and pizza sometimes when I was a kid. Not often though. Pizza wasn't a staple. Guys. Not everyone grew up in Brooklyn next to a Pizza Hut, right? Right? So I actually haven't had that many pizzas in my days. Not sure if they are healthy though. Lotsa wheat. People say wheat isn't healthy these days. But there's something about the 80's that makes us think of Pizza. Perhaps it was the teenage mutant ninja turtles. Guys, I have a last qwuestion. If Michelangelo the painter met Michelangelo the turtle, would they get along just fine? They are both remarkable artists. One is a good sculptor and painter. The other is a good mutant ninja. Look. Seriously. I don't know why I'm talking about this. I'm not a big fan of neither Michelangelo the painter nor Michelangelo the turtle. But there is something about the idea. Two sould. Born in different times and under different circumstances. Yet connectted forever. Through the power of a name. Such is the power of ideas. And the way the huiman brain works.

About molecules

Chemistry is interesting. You have all of these ideas about atoms and molecules and how they fit together. I had some books about chemistry before. I hardly own any books anymore. They seem to take up too much space. Or being to heavy or something. Chemistry was one of my favorites subjects in high school. It was quite complex though. I really had to study quite hard those years when I wanted to have the highest grades. So the idea of a molecule is an idea about a well ordered universe. I guess these days we have actually seen molecules in electromicroscopes and such. But in the beginning it was just a model. And the model seemed to work. When you run experiments, they seem to confirm that there actually is such a thing as a molecule. So they probably exist. Models are ways of structuring reality. To create order where there seemingly is none. People need structure. We also need to hang loose sometimes of course. One thing complements the other. Look at my house. I don't have one but let's say I have as an example. It has four walls. It has a roof. It is a platform upon which I can build stuff. The house is located on a piece of land. Essentially it is a building on a piece of grass. That piece of land is located on top of some soil. And that soil is just on top of some hard rock. We don't have to dig very dep to run into rock. Look at the trees. They just hang loose all the time. But they do have some structure and regular habits. You rarely see a tree up to no good. They don't have brains really. As far as I know. Just standing there, drinking water, converting solar energy into loeaves and wood, providing shadow. Let's say thanks to all the trees.

The birds are also up there. Flying around. Using their sense of magnetism to remember travelling routes when emigrating over winter. One bird is not better than a penguin just because it can fly. Or chicken. Don't bully birds that cannot fly. Chicken and penguins are birds too. The birds are chirping. We are tweeting. Every day we send millions of tweets. Most of which are kinda pointless. But they do contain some kind of information I suppose. It's hard to keep track of it all. And I'm bored of the interface. But Twitter is there. For everyonone to use. Not really decentralized though. Cool thing about Twitter is that it's like IRC but more popular. And no need to join various groups, just use the hashtags. All of these tweets contain lots of information. Information is interpreted data. Or so I have been told. In reality I think it can be difficult to separate between information and data sometimes. The Internet sure does contain a lot of information. Information aplenty. But there's a lot of data too. I don't know where to store all the information. Frankly, I wish I would meet real people more often. Taking this information driven Internet to the next level. The data can be stored in JSON. I'm not so interested in MySQL (or PHP). Ok, so we can store data in the Blockchain now. That's good. But Bitcoin is down a lot. I wonder if it will be the protocol of blockchains in the future. Maybe it will be replaced by something. I want to be able to store more data in the blockchain and more easily, perhaps directly from JavaScript. Don't we all.


Neandethals. You know it's good to be hairy and wear a club. To roam around freely. Not having to think about real estate. Life is a gas. In those days there were bananas everywhere. You could just pick bananas from the trees. People were used to a diet of bananas. Apples too but. As a matter of fact, slippoing on banana peels was one of the most frequent causes on injury. Fortunately there were hospitals for neandethals who had slipped on banana peels. One day a dude called Gregor found ten thousand apples. He told his pals in the clan. Oh yeah, they said, let's eat. Gregory was a clever dude. After discovering the fruit tresure he quickly became popular with the other neanderthalians. These days we have teleporters of course. I'm writing from the year 23156. The thing you invented back in the 21sta century and called 3d printers kinda quickly involved into teleporters. Turns out it is possible to copy and transport all information over the ether using good old spooky action at a distance. Now everyone teleports everywhere. But you cannot be a hundred percent certain that the person that turns up in the other sside of the teleporter is actually the same person that walked into the teleporter on the other side. That's just how it is. How are you gonna prove it? Bitcoin. A word with lots of associations. You can hardly walk out of your condo these days without hearing about it. It's everywhere. Or not. My hamster does not know about bitcoin. At least not as far as I am aware. He lives in his hamster universe. Everything is sort of fuzzy in there. I imagine. In reality I have no idea what's going on inside his brain. A rat was running around the sewer. Big tail. They freak me out. It was blackish. Looked hungry. I don't know where it came from and neither do I wish to find out. Of all the animals in the animal kingdom, the rat is one of the more unpleaseant ones. At least if you ask me. I don't want to offend any aficionados. I just prefer kangaroos. Or elephants. Or whatever. Not whatever, but horses for example. Or dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are lovely creatures. So large and huge and elegant. Look at a modern elephant. It's still smaller than most of the dinosaurs were. And the color. I seriously dig their green color. I wonder if some of them could talk. I had a fred, Barnie who was a talking dinosaur. He used to say hey dude, how's it going. Barnie was a very friendly dinosaur. Friendliest dino in the neighbourhood. Not only could he talk but he was also a mighty good programmer. This Python language looks interesting to me. I would like to learn more about it. It looks elegant. Easy to use. Well integrated into Linux. Even a humorous touch to it.

Smart contracts. The contracts are getting smarter and smarter. Counterparty provides basic smart contracts like betting and trading. However, that is just the beginning. Within soon, we might have some very darn clever contracts going around.The programming language of choice might be serpent. There might be other languages in use also to produce these smart contracts. Programming smart contracts might get paid well in the future. Not sure if you can program a smart contract in JavaScript. I haven't seen one. Time to learn Python properly. The future could get very strange. Noone really knows about the future of course. But Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies have sort of reset the future. Now nobody knows. Perhpoas we uwsed to think it will be business as usual. Now we agree that most likely it will not. Who knows? I think everything will change. It will not be what we expected twenty years ago at all. That's the things about futures. They change. I do not believe in a deterministic universe. I believe that we can make choices. I believe in right oand wrong. WEe can do the right thing. Perhaps not. But in the very least the future is not written in stone. Some physicists believe that's the case. IU really don't. I think the future is changing all the time. Not all the time but often.