I n d e x  |   E d i t T h i s P a g e

A pond is per definition a man made lake.

Many ponds are teeming with wildlife such as fish or even the occasional crocodile, depending on the location of the pond.

A pond can consist of mainly sweet water, salt water or a combination of both.

Eagles are birds and as such they have feathers.

Eagles mainly eat small animals, which they encroach and violently attack from the skies.

The pond is often full of macrobiotic lifeforms.

The origion of the bird is allegedly the dinosaur.

When you look at a contemporary large animal such as an elephant or a blue whale it is easier to imagine the size of the dinosaurs of the past and how size slows down body movements.

Some ponds are too small to host elephants. Furthermore, an elephant is too large a prey for a smaller bird such as eagle.

The length of the elephant's trunk is not determined by the length of its tail.

The tail can be used to remove flies and thus functions similarly to the horse's tail.

Horses have four legs.

Four equals two plus two.

The number two is an abstraction and cannot be easily understood by most animals, humans and schimpanzees being notable exceptions.

It's hard to tell just how much of reality animals can grasp or understand since they cannot speak. My impression is that their lack of a language also makes it difficult for them to focus their thoughts on a particular subject. They cannot, to the best of my knowledge, focus or memorize consciously the way we can do it.

We are humans. We have two legs and two arms. Although some have fewer than that due to accidents or genetic variations.

Genes are very small things containing information, that forms and integral part of our cells.

Our body is full of cells. For some reason those cells identify as a unit. It's something about our consciousness I suppose.

There are about 7 billion units of human beings in the world today.

The world is a globe. Once upon a time many people believed that the world is flat. Perhaps because they believed it, it really was flat.

What one person believes may not always amount to much, but large amounts of people believing something collectively can be a powerful force.

With the blockchain we create an indisputable reality in the form of a database.

The nature of reality has sometimes been a matter of dispute.

Reality has not yet been defined mathematically.

Reality, as a matter of fact, are the things we can agree about. Most people agree that the sky is blue and so we call it blue. Unless it is raining of course.

A rain drop is just a rain drop. But if it's real, it has different characteristics from an imaginary rain drop.

A real raindrop has mass which can be measured. An imaginary raindrop cannot easily be measured by real tools but using imaginary tools you can still measure its imaginary mass.

Water consists of H2O molecules. Or so they say. I would say it depends on the beholder. If we try to focus on an object, it appears as such. If we are not focusing, it remains in flow. Our brains can focus on objects. Take the double slit experiment as an example. We expect the electron to have a position after measuring, so it does. But really, small particles like electrons might as well be considered waves.

Nature has many kinds of waves.