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Free Services and Tipping Group @ Bitcointalk (Tipping appreciated but not required)

Idea Laboratory

List of Smart Contracts and Dapps

Dapp Studios (Smart Contract Labs) @ Bitcoinmeetups.org.

Join our Instant Messaging (IM) groups. Getgems (Gems Messenger), Skype, LINE and more

List of Getgems (Gems Messenger), Telegram and Bitcoin Meetups (location, times and organizer Gems ID:s) in some hotspots around the world

Add your Getgems (Gems Messenger), Counterparty (Counterwallet), Ethereum, Dogeparty (Dogewallet), NXT address here to become eligible for free giveaways. Please note, we do not guarantee that you will receive funds, we just make it easier for token issuers to find the right recipients

Dinosaur Token - Dinotoken Pre-launch Free Giveaway Interest Group. Dinosaur themed token for promoting quizes and challenges

The forum. This is where you can discuss much of what's going on here

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