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Bitcoin and Ethereum Images and Challenges, Dapps (Smart Contracts), Meetups and Skype Groups by
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Ethereum Dapp and Service Development Skype Group

IPFS. InterPlanetary File System Discussions on Skype. Welcome to join here: Kind of the lobby for all the other chat rooms.

Augur Talk. Join this if you are interested in Augur, the decentralized prediction market.

Graphene discussion. Join this group if you are interested in talking about use cases for graphene, the new super material

Challenges. Post an image or video of...
Can you put a shoe on a lamp
10 tokens

Can you try to talk to a mackerel hidden behind a TV set
10 tokens

Can you ask a mackerel if it can navigate through space
10 tokens

Can you fold a rope and put it on your navel
10 tokens

Can you make a navel size comparison with your friends
10 tokens

Bring a monkey to a geyser
10 tokens

Can you give a tambourine to a monkey and try to teach it a rhythm
10 tokens

Can you make a cylindrical three feet long bunt of rainbow colored gases in solid form
10 tokens

Can you play a computer game for five minutes on an old Amiga computer together with a plastic tuna replica and laugh hysrterically together
10 tokens

Bitcoin Meetups Google Plus Hangout (Message us in the Skype group above first if you want to join)

GetGems and Telegram Talk. Join this group if you are interested in GetGems and Telegram.

Accra Bitcoin and Ethereum Meetup. Join this group if you are interested in Bitcoin, GetGems, Ethereum and similar technologies.

Asheville (North America) Bitcoin Meetups. Join this group if you are interested in Bitcoin, GetGems, Ethereum and similar technologies.

Bangkok Bitcoin and Ethereum Meetups.

Berlin Bitcoin and Ethereum Meetup. Join this group if you are interested in Bitcoin, GetGems, Ethereum and similar technologies.

Chicago Bitcoin and Ethereum Meetups.

Hanoi Bitcoin and Ethereum Meetups
Hong Kong Bitcoin and Ethereum Meetups.

Johannesburg Bitcoin and Ethereum Meetup. Join this group if you are interested in Bitcoin, GetGems, Ethereum and similar technologies.

London Bitcoin and Ethereum Meetup. Join this group if you are interested in Bitcoin, GetGems, Ethereum and similar technologies.

New York Bitcoin and Ethereum Meetup. Join this group if you are interested in Bitcoin, GetGems, Ethereum and similar technologies.

Saigon Bitcoin and Ethereum Meetups.

San Francisco Bitcoin and Ethereum Meetup. Join this group if you are interested in Bitcoin, GetGems, Ethereum and similar technologies.

Singapore Bitcoin and Ethereum Meetup. Join this group if you are interested in Bitcoin, GetGems, Ethereum and similar technologies.

Tallinn Bitcoin and Ethereum Meetups.

Tokyo Bitcoin and Ethereum Meetup. Join this group if you are interested in Bitcoin, GetGems, Ethereum and similar technologies.

Toronto Bitcoin Meetup. Join this group if you are interested in Bitcoin, GetGems, Ethereum and similar technologies.

Vientiane Bitcoin Meetups.

Quantum Physics Talk

Close to your house is an ant nest. There's also a big field. What do you see when you look in the mirror?
You look at your own hand. You're in a village. There are people everywhere. Some are farmers. Some are car owners. Some sit in tractors. Some plow the fields. Lots of green crops growing there in the wind. Your buddy Steve asks you if your house is windproof. What do you reply?

There are 42 monkeys sailing on a ship. What happened with the captain?

There's a ship arriving at the port in an unknown town. What do the arms on the clock tower show?

Your friend gives you 15 strawberries. You have 15 blueberries. Are you concerned at all that Frankenstein's... creation might come and eat them?

Frankenstein's green dude likes to press switches and buttons on the wall. Does a door open automatically when he does so?

A flower is growing on the ground. Will Medusa from Kid Icarus the original 8-bit game stop screaming and intimidating people if you kindly give her some flowers instead of shooting arrows and such at her, you rascal you?

You are living in a city with stone walls. How can you walk around with your tame duck on the streets?

You have a deck of cards. Can you find a table to play on?

You are standing in a temple on Mars. Why do people worship piranhas here?

I was standing in New York. A jellyfish came floating through the air. I wished I was still in Beijing, in that wonderful garden.

I was wearing a white t-shirt. My only possession was a tennis ball. Why did I not go to the forest?

I have several fruits in my fridge.

Have you ever visited Tokyo?

My friend is hanging out in a balloon castle.
Why is he not working in the field?


I have a blue lantern.
Why is it not in a bag right now?

My friend lives in Hong Kong.
Can you give her an african voodoo doll today?

I once visited Pluto. I played the flute and a rope magic started stretching from the bag up towards the sky.
Why are there no penguins on Pluto?

That's a waterfall. A butterfly s flying around. It smells like lemon. That's a mountain too. Some guys arte trying to climb it. They have special equipmenbt. Many of them are wearing backpacks. Tents. Climbing boots. Red and white chequered fleece shirt.

Some guy is playing bass in a galleria.
Give him some glass pearls.

You are a squirrel. When was the last time you went to the manicurist?

You open your fridge. It's raining in there. A bird is flying around as well.
Will you wait until your beard grows longer or take action now?

You are sitting in a flying saucer. Nicki Minaj is sitting next to you.
What does your watch say?

There's a pier on the other side of town. Why are there no thistles at the pier?

A man is walking around in Abu Dhabi. Why does he have an igloo in his backyard?

A jaguar is walking around a well.
Why is it not avoiding the thistles on the ground?

You are sitting at a lunch table by the beach. Suddenly green vegetables sprout from the ground.
Did you remember to turn off your lava lamp when you left your house in the morning?

You are sleeping when you suddenly wake up because a shiny plasma show up in your room.
What do you write in your notebook about it afterwards?

You walk to your cupboard. It's full of magazines.
Why is there a limousine waiting outside your house?

You walk across a river.
How many eyes can you see in the water?

A dingo is standing next to you and there's a tree nearby.
Can you climb one of its branches?

The tree has many leaves.
What kinds of berries grow on the tree?

You are travelling on a ferry to an island.
Why are there so many people on board the ferry?

There's a palm tree on the island.
How can you get that coconut?

A pig is chasing you. Around the barn. The farmer is nowhere to be seen. His wife is looking at you. She has a clothesiron in her hand.She's been ironing clothes on the ironing board the whole day. Behind the ironing board is an empty barrel. There is no fish in the barrel as it would not be able to swim without water.

You are eating food at a restaurant. A diva is approaching the table.
Do you think she would like to eat some pears and switch to a healthier lifestyle?

Your best friend in the world is a lemonhorse. Does your parents approve of you playing the gong-gong with the lemonhorse?

You are standing on a subway.
What kind of chemicals can you smell in the air?

You are standing on a red planet.
What is your friend Ronny doing there?

You are looking at a clock outside a cinema. The clock has a nice design. It shows the time clearly.
What time does it show?

Some dude from Shanghai is travelling to Beijing. An asteroid is approaching the scene.
Will he run to the market?

You are playing cards with a horse on Mars. If you had a jukebox, what songs would it play?

Ganymede is shining ever so brightly while you're standing in the sea. A penguin is looking at you. Do you think he would like to live in your fridge?

You wake up one morning. You notice there is a piranha in your socks.

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There's a cat on the floor. Hello little cat. The cat is resting. There is a well outside. Take a walk by the well. Take a look at the sky.

Seoul Bitcoin Meetups

Phnom Penh Bitcoin Meetups

Quantum Physics Talk

Cambridge Bitcoin Meetups

Nairobi Bitcoin Meetups

 I like staying in dorms and guesthouses. Sometimes they are similar tocoworking spaces. People working with laptops. I would like to spend more time in dorms and guesthouses. Maybe talk a bit about Bitcoin tech use cases and other things too. Buy 5 Raspberry pis. I am using telnet somewhere. Loggers sitting in a cabin. The snow outside. Maybe I should switch to SSH. The loggers have a saw. I am walking on a path, near the forest. SSH might b e a better option. The cabin itself is made of logs. A house is made of red bricks. The forest is wide. I see a monkey. A tribe nearby. The loggers are talking in the cabin. I like telnet. They have some orange hats. There's a fireplace in the cabin. A saw is hanging on the wall. Telnet is fast. The cabin is solid. It's still snowing outside. I want to eat a cinnamon bunny. Baked in an oven. An oven heated up to umpteenth degrees. An oven in a bakery shop. A bakery shop on a busy street. Visit the cabin. Find a cinnamon bunny.

Angus Young is playing polka on a bass tuba. The Vega star is blinking. Sending a cosmic message to Earth. A planet with many taxi cars. Some of which are engraved with the word Pegasus. My fingers are like a comb, trawling the cosmic depths. Pico the green dino is there too. Eat some almond cake. Mike Hearn and Gavin Andresen should be removed entirely from the Bitcoin project together with their XT source code. I see an apple. A line floating through the air. A technical computer. Access point to the Internet.

The Internet, a green blob. Green apple on a table. Noone has eaten the apple yet. Michele is standing there. Near the bathroom. Bring Michele home. I am drinking a soda water. Then I realize it is heaavy water. The heavy water is yummy. I turn green. I am green as the hulk now. I have another sip of the soda water. Bring ten more bottles of soda watrer to the table. I am sitting on an island in the mediterranean. A tiger is staring at me. Hello, little tiger. I visit a ravine. A sepia colored picture is hanging on the wall - I paint it with some bright colors to liven things up. Turn the island upside down and look at whats growing on the flipside. Good morning. Balloo is resting nearby. Hello Balloo. How are you? Fine, young dude, he says. Djungle bear. What's a grey bear doing in the djungle anyway? Oh, moved here a while ago, Balloo says. I like the climate.

Bogota Bitcoin Meetups A tamagotchi on the floor. I walk by the river. The tamagotchi turns alive. The river is full of water and flows in both directions. It is a quantum river.

We are standing on Terra Earth. i think. The Earth is a particle. But it could also be a wave. i guess it is a wave when we think about it as such. The word Terra Earth is definitely a wave, consisting of 10 letters, each one vibrating on its own frequency. Lee Pa Ni is a guy in a yellow dress. Lee Pa Ni goes jogging every morning. Also, he eats broccoli. Today he is vsiting the Masai tribe in East Africa. Hi guys, wow, you are so tall. I mean you, he says and pointson one of the dudes. Yes, says the tall dude. I ate a lot of carrots as a young dude, helped me grow a lot. Oh really, Lee P Ni says, I didn't know you grow carrots here. We don't, the tall dude says. I imported them from Carrottown. EFIGIR TAREM MINAS Megaru is standing in the doorway. Her galactic suit glittering with nanotechnology. Allowing the user to traverset he universe. A suit made of words. Since words are worlds. Hello world. The world is round. Or so they say. Perhaps it's a matter of perception. Let's say I am an individual made of squares. Would I still perceive the world as being round? I sit in my own lap. It's quite a feat. I walk around a street in Jakarta. On my way to a matine. I reach the matine. Twohundredfifty people are watching. I stand up on the stage and tell the cinema owner to close the show. I tell the people to hold hands and sing kumbayah. They do so.

Everybody rejoice. Kumbajah, kumbajah. The Etiagar is watching. A distant cousing of the jaguar. Eat a melon. Eat a zucchini. Or not. Maybe tjhe zucchini objects. Zucchinis can talk in some universes. That's the thing about this whole multiverse thing. I live in the sea. Swim in the sea, dude. The sea is there. Don't drink toop much sea water, dude. Unless you're a fish. Fish can drink salt water with their gills. Some pancakes come flying through the air. Where did those pancakes come from? Janina is cleaning the floors. The floors get quite clean. But she missed a spot. I gaze into my own navel. My head gets sucked into my navel. I exit in another universe. Akira is my friend. Hello, little dude. You have great psychic powers, eh? Telekinetic, eh? Not too shabby. Pretend you are Akira today. Some fish are swimming in the ocean. Follow the fish, swim with them under the water. I read that some sea gypsies don't even need goggles to see under water. Apparently it's a matter of adaption. Be a super sea gypsy, swim with the fish, you don't need to breath. Pila is standing in the hallway. There are paintings hanging on the walls. Three or four paintings. Yo Pila, whassup? I am a friend of Attila, she says. Oh, no, I say. The night falls. The moon above. Bring the moon to the Earth. How can we bring the moon tio Earth? And what would we do with it if it were here? It would take up a lot of space. Bigger than the sea? At least bigger than the mediterranean. Quite a lot so, i suppose. Cook a ragu for the moon. Invite it to the dinner. Have a nice ragu dish together with the moon. Kashmir jumper. London street. Nagira. I saw her at a back street. She said hello, I am the Hubba hammer. Oh cool, I said. Yeah, she said. Actually i am an alien from outer space. Cool, I said. Mesagir,. Barytone. A barytone singer standing in the room. I have some new jogging shoes.

I bought a kiwi and a banana at the market. Then I strolled down to the river. There's a table nearby where you can get free napkins. Augur Talk. This new decentralized prediction market sounds pretty interesting to me. I think it could be very useful. I do not believe in democracy at all but voting is such a useful tool. From what I have learned, the average majority is usuallyright when it comes to non-complex matters but usually wrong when it comes to complex matters. Example: I show you a box full of beans. Guess how many beans there are in this box? Have 100 people answer that question and the average will most likely be close to the correct answer. HOWEVER I show you a bottle of alcohol. Is it ok to drink a bit of alcohol every once in a while (yes or no?). This question is binary and could deceivingly be seen as more simple to answer. but it is not. the human biological system is a complex matter. Therefore, a majority of the world's population will probably answer yes to the question, which is actually incorrect.

The correct answer is no as alcohol is a poison which must be avoided by everyone strictly without exceptions, just like nobody should eat poisionous roots or fungus growing in the forest. "Democracy" is actually based on a trick question, such as which party should rightfully govern this "state". A majority will pick a party but the correct answer is noone should govern the "state" as the state should not exist in the first place as it is based on taxation, which is theft, which is wrong and printing of fiat currencies plus fracvtional banking, which is scamming which is also wrong.

But if you have a group of experts, which you can have with prediction markets, the outcome can be very different. If you ask them for example about the correct answer to a programming problem they might come up with the right answer. So, democracy is a scam but voting and especially expert voting is a very very useful tool (look at for example to see how useful and powerful it can be). So therefore we have this Augur Chat room to discuss these matters.

Natty is making pancakes out of pears. Hourglass pears. A pear on a block of ice. A mechanical robot is eating a tangerine. A Disney character namely Mickey Mouse is travelling simultaneously from the nearby the tangerine's position in space to the gap of the mechanical robot but is left unharmed as it is something like a mirage. A naguar is standing on the circuit board. A Parisian poodle jumps on top of the circuit board. He's coming straight from Bellevue. He used to sit on the streets of Bellevue and ask for tips to his tip jar.

Put something in the Parisian Poodle's tip jar. You are sitting in a chemistry lab. Someone just invented a translucent green blob. You take a funnel and pour something in the mixture. The raven is watching you. Some colored dude comes out of the freeze box. A little dog is watching you. Put a green goblin in your nose. A bass players comes out of the freez box. Do your monkey thing. Play a game of yatzy. You are chewing on some jellybug. You open a door and enter a Nintendo 8-bit game. You are sitting in your saggy pants. You are reading a book. Sail a ship like a pirate but without the stealing and swaring. Like a kindly pirate. Skype Group:

I look at myu shoes. I think my shoes have come loose. I think I can see my toe. I like toast. But I don't want to toast my toes. I have a sardine near my toe. Hello, little sardine. Do you want some toast? Yes please, the sardine replies. A cargo truck passes by.
If user clicks [This Button, Bis] then user receives a jar of maple sap The magus exits the building and re-enters it again If a lady holds a bis an apple tree appears If three apple trees grow up simultaneously they will drink from the sap of eternal air